Scammers Are Pretending To Be Someone You Know On Facebook


Here Is What You Can Do To Stop Them

I just recently received a friend request from somebody I was already friends with on Facebook. It is becoming a common scam on Facebook where the perpetrator is pretending to be somebody you know to access the friends of this individual to get their contact information so they can scam them. I looked up the instruction provided by Facebook, and they were a bit sparse. So here are the step by step instructions with screenshots for how to stop Facebook account clones.

  1. Notify the friend whose account has been cloned and let them know so they can send a Facebook post to all of their friends.
  2. Go to the fake account and click on the three ellipses [...] on the lower right of the cover photo section.
  3. In the dropdown select list click on Report
  4. In the popup click on report this profile
  5. In the next popup select, They’re pretending to be me or someone I know
  6. In The next popup select someone I know
  7. In the last popup click on Submit to Facebook for review
  8. A text box will appear where you will need to add your friend's name
  9. Then click on the “Done” button.

You did it! You have proven that you are truly a friend to your Facebook friend. :D

If you are reporting a clone of your account, you will follow the same steps up until step 5 where you would select “me.” Then you just need to confirm it is you to Facebook, and you are all set. :)

We hope this is helpful to someone. :)

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